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Technical Aspects


Sl. No Classification Size of Each Pad(Nominal)
Length x Width#
Area of the Rubberized Road Placing Position Quantity Reqd per Width Single Track*
01 Gauge Pad 1200 mm x 870 mm 3.5 Mtr Width x Length along the rail in multiple of 1.2 Mtr. Inside rail 02 Nos
02 Field Pad 1200 mm x 745 mm Outside rail 02 Nos
03 Concrete Edge Beam 2400 mm x 330 mm Adjacent to sleeper end As required

* Total quantity required depends on the length of track including safety distance. # Width given based on 60 Kg rail track

Sl No Drawing No Description
1 MMC/LCP/Rubber/001 Rubberized Level X-ing Assembly
2 MMC/LCP/Rubber/002 Rubber Pad for Level X-ing System
3 MMC/LCP/Rubber/003 Clamping Arrangement for Rubber X-ing