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Scope of Work
  1. Rubberized level crossing system covers two sectors.
    a. Manufacturing and supply of rubber pads and allied components.
    b. Installation of rubber pad at the track.
  2. The rubberized level crossing system can be used in all X-ings in India having any kind of sleepers. Generally rubber pads sit on the sleeper surface along with rail and hence design of rubber pad will vary with sleeper design and type of rail.
  3. The type of rubber X-ing available are Pedestrian, Light duty and Heavy Duty considering vehicle load conditions and TVU of LC Gate.
  4. It is applicable for various rails like UIC 60, UIC 52, BS 100, BS 90, BS 80, JIS 60.
  5. It is applicable on straight, curve (max 6 deg) and skew type gates.